Groups associated with al-Qaeda claimed that an explosion occurred in the capital of Somalia; 5 people died

Witnesses said that during the morning rush hour, a large explosion occurred in a busy area of ​​the capital of Somalia, killing at least five people and injuring many others.

Mogadishu, Somalia-This is a major news update.

Witnesses said that a large explosion occurred in the busy area of ​​the Somali capital during the morning peak hours, killing at least five people and injuring many others. The extremist organization Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for this.

On Thursday, someone saw a plume of smoke rising over Mogadishu.

Abdul Kadir Adan of the Amin Ambulance Service confirmed the death of five people to the Associated Press. The service said that at least 15 wounded had been taken to the hospital.

The explosion occurred near a school.

The Al-Shabaab said in a statement issued by its Andalus radio station that its target was Western officials escorted by the African Union peacekeeping convoy. But witness Hassan Ali told the Associated Press that a private security company was escorting officials and said he saw four security guards injured.

Organizations associated with Al Qaeda often launch attacks targeting the capital.


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