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Six Aboriginal Greenlanders demanded compensation from the Danish government for a failed social experiment in the 1950s that separated them from their families and received an education in Europe.

On Monday, Inuit lawyer Mads Pramming stated that unless he receives a response from Copenhagen within the next two weeks, he will file a lawsuit against the Danish government over their colonial-era experiments.

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He tells Politiken every day that his clients “Lost family life, language, culture and sense of belonging,” Added that this is “According to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, their right to private and family life is violated.”

Their lawyer said that each of the six survivors cost 33,600 euros (37,800 US dollars).

In 1951, 22 Inuit children were separated from their hometowns and taken to Denmark. They were attracted by the promise of a good education commensurate with the future elites of Greenland. Copenhagen intends to let the children go home as a role model for Greenland. Only six people are alive today, all in their 70s.

When they returned to Greenland, although they were not orphans, the children were placed in an orphanage. Many of them never saw their family again.

Denmark formally apologized for the experiment in December last year. “We cannot change what happened. But we can take responsibility and apologize to those who we should care about but failed to do,” Danish Prime Minister Met Fredericksen said.

Helene Thiesen (Helene Thiesen), now in her 70s, did not find out why she was taken away until 1996. Thyssen told the BBC that she never rebuilt the relationship with her mother.

Greenland was a Danish colony until 1953, and since then it has gradually become an autonomous territory.

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