Greek crew finds second body as floods wash away migrants

Greek authorities find the body of a woman believed to be the wife of an Iranian man

The fire department said Thursday that the body was recovered from a stream in the northern Greek province of Serres. The body of a 35-year-old Iranian man was found on Wednesday and the 24-year-old Iranian woman was missing.

Police said the migrants had entered Greece illegally from Turkey and are believed to have been driven into the area by smugglers who told them to travel to the northern city of Thessaloniki on their own. It is unclear how many people were in the group, which moved on after the accident.

The man’s body was found after rescuers responded to an emergency call from another Iranian man, the woman’s 22-year-old brother, who had been with the group and stayed behind to help the two.

Greece has been hit by torrential rain and strong winds, while snow has affected much of northern and central Greece, with temperatures near freezing.

Greece is the main entry point for people in the Middle East, Asia and Africa seeking a better life in the EU. Most enter from neighbouring Turkey, either crossing the northeastern land border or being transported by smuggling boats to the eastern Aegean islands off the coast of Turkey.

More recently, smuggling gangs have even crowded migrants into yachts bound for Italy from Turkey. Dozens of migrants were killed in a series of accidents in the central Aegean Sea last month.


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