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In the new study, six fishes were able to find “highly successful” targets in a room

Israeli scientists have built a “fish moving vehicle” (FOV) and claim to have trained six goldfish to move it. They said the experiment showed how navigation skills can be transferred between different environments.

This learn, Published this month in the Journal of Behavioral Brain Research, involves putting fish in a water tank connected to a wheeled robot that is connected to a motion tracking camera. A computer program was developed to respond to its movement toward the tank wall, and then move the FOV in the corresponding direction.

Researchers at Ben Gurion University discovered that goldfish managed to maneuver a vehicle in a 3×4 meter room to find a marked destination in exchange for food pellets. They gradually improve, “Also avoid dead ends and correct location inaccuracies,” The team wrote.

When starting the FOV from different points in the room, or moving the target, or even setting the bait, the fish can accomplish the same task. Although each experiment lasted 30 minutes, as the experiment progressed, some fish found their targets in less than a minute.

The team recorded the number of times the fish reached the target, how long they took, and the distance traveled.By the time of the last meeting, this fish had “Demonstrates control over FOV and a high level of success.”

The results show “Navigation capabilities are universal, not environment-specific,” The researchers say, adding that it supports the hypothesis of spatial representation and navigation skills “Have universal quality” Cross species.

“The way space is represented in the fish’s brain and the strategies it uses may be as successful in a terrestrial environment as in an aquatic environment,” The team pointed out and added that goldfish may have “The cognitive ability to learn complex tasks in an environment completely different from the environment in which they evolved.”

The team posted experimental videos on GitHub and shared instructions for building a mobile fish tank. In 2014, a group of Dutch computer scientists designed a similar goldfish wheel device, apparently to “Liberate the fish of the world.”

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