GHBA, Industry Partners hosts a construction services procurement program.

It is no secret that one of the most important challenges facing the residential building industry over the years is the cost and availability of labor. The result is construction delays, and higher housing costs. To address this growing problem, the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) and a coalition of building industry partners recently held a construction hiring event at Gallery Furniture Work Texas.

GHBA has joined Work Texas, Home Aid Houston’s Home Aid Works, Building Talent Foundation, Home Builders Institute, Habitat for Humanity and Houston Community College to host 25 employer companies looking for new employees. There are those who are eager to work and want to get training or certification. Ninety industry job seekers attended in person, registered as job seekers through the 265 GHBA pre-registration link, and were to fill more than 300 job vacancies.

Among the job seekers who participated in the recruitment program were students from HCC and HBI, Work Texas Program, Habitat for Humanity and local high schools.

Employer companies attended, including home builders, construction industry vendors and suppliers.

GHBA and the building industry partners continue to identify manpower development opportunities locally and in the 11 county area.

The Workforce Alliance is supporting additional efforts to recruit young workers, such as sharing experiences in the construction industry and talking to students about possible career paths, helping students build a home on a field trip. Hosting for, working with other industries on school district advisory boards. For clients leading technical education and social service organizations as they embark on their residential construction career.

For more information on career and training opportunities in residential construction, visit online.

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