Germans will “vaccinate, cure or die” at the end of winter-Minister — RT World News

German Health Minister Jens Spahn (Jens Spahn) said that while he urges the public to get vaccinated, in the next few months, everyone will be vaccinated or die of the coronavirus.

“Maybe by the end of this winter, as it is sometimes cynical, almost everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or dying,” Spann said on Monday.

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Orban predicts that for anti-vaccine people, this will be

The minister once again urged everyone to get vaccinated, but he was still skeptical about compulsory vaccination.The Minister said that herd immunity will be achieved, and “No mandatory vaccination will break this wave” Infection.

Spann’s remarks came as some major politicians including the outgoing Prime Minister Angela Merkel (CDU) led by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) have been calling for the protection of all people in the face of rising Covid-19 infection rates. Citizens are vaccinated.

The Minister and President of Bavaria, Markus Soeder, said on Friday that the 7-day infection rate has “Shot through the roof” In the unvaccinated population.

“I believe that ultimately, we will not bypass the general vaccination obligations,” He said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban recently used similar remarks.Speaking to Kossuth Radio on Friday, he lashed out at anti-vaccineists, calling them threats and saying they “It will be realized that they will either be vaccinated or die.”

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