German study reveals disturbing trends in children’s mental health during lockdown — Action News Now

Studies show that during the German blockade, suicide attempts by minors increased fourfold

German researchers have confirmed that the lack of face-to-face contact during the Covid lockdown and school closures has had a sad impact on children’s mental health, and the number of suicide attempts has increased dramatically.

DUP Magazin this week quoted an unpublished research report from the University Hospital of Essen (Essen, UK), stating that between early March and late May 2021, as many as 500 minors in Germany attempted suicide and were hospitalized.

The researchers analyzed data from 27 pediatric intensive care units across the country. They found that reported suicide attempts by children increased fourfold compared to before the pandemic.

Christian Dohna-Schwake, head of Children’s Department in Essen, UK, said that continued restrictions and school closures are particularly harmful to minors who already suffer from depression or anxiety. “Social contact outside of social media has a preventive effect” Dohna-Schwake said that in response to psychological problems, schools are urged to remain open “The longer the better.”

However, Renate Schepker, head of the German Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatic and Psychotherapy (DGKJP), told RND that the possible impact of the study must be carefully considered before the study is published.

At the same time, Schepker agreed that the blockade would affect the well-being of children. “They have different time concepts and rely more on social interactions and other developmental stimuli,” she says. “Despite the lockdown, it should be possible for children and young people to keep in touch with other children-not just through digital means.”

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