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Norwegian Post released an extravagant advertisement depicting a gay relationship between Santa Claus and a man named Harry. LGBT romances that ended with kisses elicited different reactions online.

Produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Norway’s legalization of homosexuality, “When Harry Meets Santa Claus” depicts a flourishing love between a Norwegian man and Santa Claus himself. A few years later, Santa Claus visited “Harry” and the two fell in love. The advertisement ends with a passionate kiss between the two, because the country’s postal service Posten handles Santa’s delivery that night.

Gay rights groups and LGBT advocates rave about the ad and its content “Strong and touching message of tolerance,” arrive Quote Canadian Congressman Randall Garrison.

Others are less enthusiastic. “Leave Santa alone!” one person Tweet. “It is wrong to sexualize him…whether gay or heterosexual. I think this ad is creepy and disturbing!”

In the ongoing culture war, Christmas is a fiercely competitive battlefield. Santa Claus is reimagined every year to adapt to the wake-up reasons, from his climate radicalism to his Interracial same-sex marriageSanta Claus is not the only holiday tradition that conservatives accuse of awakening attacks.The famous Christmas song was allegedly attacked Sexist lyrics, The religious roots of the festival are described as celebration “The privilege of Christians.”

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