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The French Fisheries Association said it will block four locations on Friday, including the main port of Calais and Eurotunnel, to protest against Britain’s restrictions on fishing permits after Brexit.

In a press conference on Thursday, Gerard Romiti, Chairman of the National Marine Fisheries Commission, announced that “Response to British provocation, contempt and humiliation” To French fishermen.

The Channel Tunnel and the Port of Calais are two important locations for cargo transportation between Britain and France. Other areas affected by the protests are Saint-Malo and Ouistreham, and demonstrations in all four areas will continue from 8 am to 4 pm local time.

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In recent months, tensions between London and Paris have escalated due to French fishermen’s claims that the UK has not issued enough permits as part of the post-Brexit arrangements.

French fishermen participated in protests many times throughout the year because they were increasingly frustrated by Britain’s refusal to resolve the situation.

In April, a truck carrying fish caught in British waters was blocked by French fishermen from entering a processing center in France. A month later, the United Kingdom deployed its navy to protect the port of Jersey from attempted blockade by French fishing boats.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex recently reiterated his government’s commitment to make Britain respect what his country thinks when it reaches a fisheries agreement with the European Union after Brexit. The British government has repeatedly denied that it was at fault and refused to claim that it aimed to distribute more licenses under the terms of the agreement.

In response to Friday’s planned actions, a spokesperson for the British Prime Minister criticized “The threat of protests,” However, it was postponed to the French authorities due to the location involved.

“Obviously, France needs to ensure that there are no illegal acts and trade is not affected, but we will continue to monitor the situation closely,” The statement said.

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