France controls the EU to promote more sovereignty

French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Lein paid tribute to two major European figures on Friday, as France officially took over the 27 Ambitious group of nations

Macron was accompanied by Ursula von der Lein, the head of the European Union’s executive body and the President of the European Commission, to the famous Pantheon in France to commemorate Simone Ville and Jean Monnet.

Veil is a survivor of the Holocaust, has repeatedly broken French political barriers against women, and took the lead in promoting the legalization of abortion, while Monet is the founder of the European Union.

Macron and Von der Lein both wore masks during their visit to the dome, because a wave of coronavirus cases somehow obscured the beginning of the French term and caused trouble for the French leader before EU officials arrived in Paris. .

Macron, who is expected to seek re-election later this year, made headlines earlier this week for using rude language to refer to the few unvaccinated people in the country.

In an interview with a newspaper, Macron described his strategy of using the word “emmerder” to pressure people who refuse to be vaccinated to receive coronavirus injections-this word is derived from French and means “nonsense”, which means Angry. His vulgar language dominated the news broadcast and provoked angry reactions from his political opponents.

In order to advance the large number of sensitive topics he wants to solve on the European stage, Macron needs to adopt a more consistent tone with his EU counterparts.

In the next six months, one of the main thrusts of the French presidency will be the need to give the 27-nation group greater autonomy.

Macron has supported this idea since he took power five years ago, and will use the European Council’s rotating presidency that sets the regional political agenda to try to put it into practice.

The main themes that France hopes to promote include the introduction of the EU’s minimum wage, the imposition of carbon taxes on imported products, and the reform of EU fiscal rules. France also hopes to speed up discussions among member states to reach a consensus on the stagnant reform of the EU’s asylum system.

A senior French government official detailed the goals of the French presidency. He said the EU needs to be more sovereign in order to make its own choices while defending its democratic ideals.

The official said: “Europeans may simply disappear from history.” “In a sense, we will no longer contribute to writing world history, and others will write our own history. Yes. An existential danger.”

The official spoke anonymously because he did not have the right to speak publicly before the European Commission visited the French capital.