Former Organization of American States ambassador detained in Nicaragua

His wife said that Nicaragua’s former ambassador to the Organization of American States was detained by an unidentified person outside his home.

Managua, Nicaragua – The wife of Nicaragua’s former ambassador to the Organization of American States said on Monday that he was detained by an unidentified man outside his home.

According to his wife Carmen Dolores Córdova, Edgard Parrales was forced into the car by two men in civilian clothes.

She said these people did not show any badges or arrest warrants, and said she believed it was a kidnapping.

In recent months, Parales is one of the few political analysts willing to criticize Ortega publicly.

The government has not confirmed that Parales has been detained. The incident occurred three days after the Ortega government announced its intention to withdraw from the Organization of American States. Parales called the move “ridiculous.”

In an election widely criticized as a farce, Ortega was elected for the fourth consecutive term, after seven of Ortega’s potential challengers were arrested and imprisoned.

The General Assembly of the Organization of American States voted to condemn the election, saying that the election was “not free, fair or transparent, and lacking democratic legitimacy.”

Twenty-five countries in the Americas voted in favor of the resolution, while seven countries including Mexico abstained. Only Nicaragua voted against it.

The ruling Sandino Front and its allies control Congress and all government agencies. Ortega served as president for the first time from 1985 to 1990. The 1979 revolution overthrew the Somoza family dictatorship, before returning to power in 2007.

Relatives of politicians detained in Nicaragua expressed concern about the deteriorating health of the prisoners and called for their immediate release.

The family members issued a statement to reporters complaining about the prisoners’ isolation, constant interrogation and insufficient food.


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