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Former ISIS fighters claimed that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is charging $8,000 per person to release militants from prison under the so-called “reconciliation” plan.

According to the British “Guardian” report, former ISIS fighters fought for the militant group until it was defeated in 2019, and they gained freedom from the Syrian al-Hawl prison facility through the plan.

Currently, three prisons controlled by the Self-Defense Forces in northeastern Syria are believed to hold approximately 8,000 Iraqi and Syrians accused of fighting for the Islamic State, as well as 2,000 foreigners awaiting deportation to their country.

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Former ISIS militants claim that, as far as they know, at least 10 people have gained their freedom through what is said to be a “reconciliation” plan. The two men provided the British newspaper with documents supporting their claims and testimony on how they were released from detention.

A man named Abu Jafar claimed that he was released after his family sold some property. He said he paid a fine of US$8,000 and also paid US$22,000 in bribes to officials of the Self-Defense Forces. Similarly, Abu Muhammad, who claims to be fighting alongside ISIS on the front lines, said he paid US$8,000 and US$14,000 in bribes.

SDF spokesperson Farhad Shami denied the existence of the plan, rejected documents seen by the Guardian, and stated that no fees were paid to release the former ISIS fighters.However, Shami did accept some “IS-run offices may be forced to join IS” If they are released “The hands are not bloody.” However, he said that anyone released is “Surveilled by security forces” To ensure that they do not seek to rejoin or help radical organizations again.

The International Anti-Islamic State Alliance declined to comment on the reported plan, saying that the prison facilities are controlled by the Self-Defense Forces.

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