Former CNN producer charged with ‘despicable conduct’ against minors – Action News Now

Lawsuit filed against former CNN producer John Griffin on behalf of an alleged juvenile sex crime victim seeks $15 million and costs. Griffin was arrested last month on child sex trafficking charges.

Griffin charged “Despicable behavior” of ‘terrible sexual abuse’ Fox News reported Tuesday that a civil lawsuit was filed in Connecticut last week.

“During the years leading up to 2020, defendants solicited young girls, including underage plaintiffs, with the intent to knowingly persuade, induce, induce and coerce them to engage in sexual activity, sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking,” the lawsuit said.

The case against Griffin was brought on behalf of a 9-year-old girl, known in court documents as Jane Doe. Fox News said the lawsuit seeks up to $15 million in damages and expenses.

Griffin, a former producer of CNN’s Chris Cuomo show, was arrested last month on child sex trafficking charges and fired from the channel. In 2020, Griffin paid a Nevada woman more than $3,000 to fly her to Boston before committing sex crimes involving her adopted daughter at a vacation home in Vermont, according to prosecutors.

Evidence reportedly included drone footage of a defendant in underwear standing next to a completely naked nine-year-old girl.

Griffin pleaded not guilty to the charges in December.

CNN said at the time that the channel was unaware of Griffin’s actions and charged him “Deeply disturbing.”

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