Florida Governor criticizes the hypocrisy of “blocking politicians”-Action News Now

Ron DeSantis criticizes politicians who implemented the blockade but took vacations in their exempt states

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis boasted that his refusal to enact “severe” coronavirus restrictions has made his state the preferred destination for politicians who wish to evade the rules set at home.

“If I get a dollar for every blocked politician who has decided to flee to Florida in the past two years, I will become a very stubborn rich man. Let me tell you.” DeSantis joked at a press conference on Monday. “I mean, congressman, mayor, governor…you can name it.”

“Interestingly, some of these people will be welcomed in Florida,” The governor continued, “Because I think a lot of Florida people say,’Wait a minute, you are attacking us because we didn’t implement your harsh policies, but we are the first place you want to escape to and basically enjoy life.'”

DeSantis speaks a day later Photos and videos Photos posted on social media show that New York State Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went to a crowded bar in Miami and put on a mask to rub shoulders with Hollywood celebrities and drag queens And pass.A few weeks ago, Ocasio-Cortez, who has supported wearing masks throughout the pandemic, said that because “A continuing public health emergency.”

Although many tourists in Florida may be attracted by the winter sun like DeSantis’ loose Covid policy, the governor said “There may be about six governors who restricted their personnel and were found in various locations in Florida.”

“Some are public, some are not public, but you know people tell me these things,” He said, and added, “I’m glad that Florida is a place where people know they can come and live like normal people, and they can make their own decisions.”

Florida recorded 85,000 cases of Covid-19 on Monday, the highest daily record since the pandemic began. DeSantis’ refusal to implement the mask and vaccine regulations has kept him under fire from the Democratic Party, which blamed these policies on the state’s high number of cases.

However, with the advent of winter, Covid-19 cases across the United States have surged. Just a week ago, New York—where access to most public places requires masks or vaccination certificates—has recorded more cases every day than Florida. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the death toll is three times as high. According to multiple public health agencies, the number of deaths and hospitalizations across the country is still lower than during the previous surge in cases, and the Omicron variant causes mild to moderate symptoms in most of the people it infects.