Fire at COVID treatment center for refugees in Myanmar-global issues

In a tweet, International Organization for Migration Said that after a sudden fire broke out on Sunday night, no one was injured in the medical facility, which is part of the huge Cox’s Bazar camp.

The agency said parts of the hospital were severely damaged, but it expects medical services to “recover soon.”


The on-site team has been working day and night to save the hospital and restore normal camp life. They are still assessing losses and helping those in need.

Images posted on social media showed that the burnt metal bed frame and staff were cleaning up piles of ashes for the isolation treatment center for patients with severe acute respiratory infections.

Earlier, the team from the International Organization for Migration, volunteers from the disaster management department and the emergency services department of the Bangladesh government rushed to the hospital to try to put out the fire and help those in need.

The IOM team is also working to raise refugees’ awareness of what to do in the event of a sudden fire in the camp.


The camp accommodates many of the millions of Rohingya refugeesFleeing violence in MyanmarIn a continuous wave of displacement since the early 1990s.

At the height of the most recent crisis in 2017, thousands of people entered Bangladesh every day.

Since then, the The Kutupalong refugee settlement has developed into the largest such refugee settlement in the world, More than 600,000 people live in an area of ​​only 13 square kilometers, and infrastructure and services have reached their limits.

This2021 Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis Joint Response Plan (JRP)The target is nearly 1.4 million people in need.

The US$943 million project aims to meet the needs of 884,000 Rohingya refugees and 472,000 Bangladeshis in Cox’s Bazar host communities.