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Fashion involves weird things. Runways serve as a breeding ground for fetishes and spoilers to blend with art in the form of clothing. Another fashion accessory, especially shoes, provides a means for designers to break free from the barriers of wear and vent their deepest fantasies. Shoes have a special relationship with the weird, and a cursory glance at the weird shoe arc, as fashion often does, changes social norms.

Due to its structure, the shoes offer a different materialistic medium than the counterparts it is ready to wear. Creative Director and Senior Curator. Bata Shoe Museum In Toronto, Elizabeth Sammelheck argued that shoes have been working as art since the hemline rose above the ankles in the 1920s, although the real experience began with platforms in the 30’s and later the 70’s. “Shoes are similar to architecture. Unlike a dress or blouse that requires your body to take shape, shoes really stand alone, so it already has a kind of sculptural presence. The designers are really starting to play. “

Look at the heel, even in its simplest form – to say the least. Far from the horse, the women’s heel “makes no sense,” says Samil Heck, who points to the origins of his horsemanship. It offers an exquisite design, in fact sculpture, a ready-made vehicle for artistic expression. Designers have taken it as an opportunity to push the boundaries of pediatric expression.

Crazy fashion shoes

With their “Plato’s Atlantis” collection in the spring of 2010, designer Alexander McQueen made famous, or rather infamous, his “Armadillo” shoes, round, sky-high heels possible with just a hidden platform. Sent models coming down the runway. . Myosia Prada favored the 2012 firefighting approach, which featured flames from wedge heels. Even feminist champion Phoebe Fellow experimented with innovative high-heeled offerings in Celine – a 2013 special pair of toenails painted on the outside.

The exaggerated heel emphasizes a prominent yet ancient trap of femininity. What could be a stronger statement of wealth or status than to have shoes that only prevent the wearer from walking? Although weak shoes previously served as a bourgeois statement that lacked functionality, a modern, insane shoe has paired the artist with practicality. .

Thanks to Virgil Ablo and his contemporaries, the functional shoe now promotes fashion in its more eccentric forms. Shoes are not only artistic in appearance, but also the artists themselves. “Tom Sax, Takashi Morakami, Daniel Arsham, Chantelle Martin – they are all artists who have begun to focus on both the physique of a shoe and what can be done with it.” Take, for example, the ridiculousness of Dave White Jordan’s 1s artistry or any shoe’s collaboration with Sike.

These exotic shoes mark a major change not only in men’s clothing but also in fashion in general. Once European men decided that mentality was synonymous with masculinity, they abandoned fashion and adopted a uniform dress code. Since the early 1980’s, shoes have loosened screws in this facade. “This is where a lot of men take their biggest risks,” explained Sam Heck. “They may wear relatively conservative clothing but would be willing to wear shoes that are more exaggerated, more expressive and directly connected to the fashion industry.”

Although shoes bring men into fashion, when I ask them which shoes have marked the biggest earthquake change in culture in the last two decades, the answer amazes me. “The Crook,” she declares confidently. From Nicki Minaj to Brooke Shields to Justin Bieber, everyone wears a rubber band. Saleha Bembri, a former vice president of footwear and men’s shoes at Versace, recently made her first appearance. Sharing With a brand that inspires nostalgia, featuring a Pantryly classic, albeit Crange-Y, salute. Kanye West’s Easy Foam Runner nodded Crook aesthetically. Not even a rubber Bottega Veneta puddle boot. That far off.

Crazy fashion shoes

“They are all great sculptors. You can see both designers and consumers are ready to adopt a very unconventional silhouette.” Semmel Hawk offers Crocs content, color, nasty gender features, and the ability to customize as desired features today. That is, they are comfortable. I myself may never remember seeing an Armadillo boat at the airport, but an easy foam runner? More than once.

In harmony with infectious diseases. گپورکور۔ Movement in fashion, modern shoes, even in its ridiculousness, is useful. Shoes, Ugg boots, Crocs – all break the rules of the shoe and are still wearable, or at least with a six-inch heel. “Even if it’s an unusual, sculptural and elegant thing, the Slatito, as you and I know well, is not the easiest to wear,” she continues, “while a pair of shoes will make you fashionable.” Allows expression. Level of comfort. ”

As we have seen, hats are losing their significance in the 20th century and excessive “these” bags are beginning to feel the bitter pain of rejection – goodbye, Le Chicoto – shoes become the best tool for artistic expression. Although you can’t go down 14th Street in a pair of Tham Brown’s Dolphin-like high heels (if you can call them that too), try a pair Balenciaga Monday booties, And at least you’ll make it where you’re going on time.

Below, we have collected the wild shoes of fashion since 2010.

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