Farida Kahlo’s self-portrait sold for about ً 35 million, the highest ever for a Latin American artist.

One of the last self-portraits of the famous Mexican painter Freda Kahlo sold for about ً 35 million on Tuesday. Sotheby’s said, Set a new record for Latin American artwork.

The New York-based auction house said “Diego YU” featured Kahlo and her husband and artist Diego Rivera – the last “great” self-portrait before her death in 1954. Was obtained for .9 34.9 million Sotheby’s is based on Argentine-based collector and founder of the Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires, Eduardo F. Constantine.

Farida Kahlo's last self portrait
An art handler holds a self-portrait of Freda Kahlo’s “Diego Y You” during a press preview of The Macleo Collection in Sotheby’s on November 5, 2021 in New York City. It sold for a record 35 million.

Alexei Rosenfeld / Getty Images

Sotheby’s Senior Vice President Julian Davis said after the sale of the painting, “Farida Kahlo’s status as a global cultural icon is undeniable, and tonight’s excellent results make her place in this auction space even safer. To which she belongs, one of the true Titans of 20th century art. ” Tuesday.

The painting depicts Riviera on Freida’s forehead with three tears under her eyes. The artwork – which Sotheby’s estimates will raise more than $ 30 million before the auction – was dated 1949, almost a year after Riviera’s relationship with Mexican film star Maria Felix.

“It completely destroys it,” said Anna de Stasi, director of Sotheby’s in Latin American art. “She has such powerful eyes. She just stares at you and she just cuts. And the three tears that fall on her cheeks are the most powerful tears I’ve ever seen in the history of art.”

Freda’s piece is now the most expensive work of art by a Latin American artist, surpassing Riviera, whose “The Rival” painting sold. $ 9.8 million Christie’s at auction in 2018.

The sale also broke a previous public auction record for Kahlo’s work. According to Sotheby’s, another piece, “Two Nudes in the Forest (The Earth Himself)”, sold for 8 8 million five years ago.


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