Families of kids with cancer break vaccine rules – Action News Now

The father of a boy with leukemia says the family is facing eviction from a facility run by Ronald McDonald House Charities in Vancouver, British Columbia, due to new rules requiring Covid-19 vaccinations by the end of January.

incoming call “Boycott McDonald’s” After Austin Furgason, toured on social media Wednesday posted a video Confronted the facility’s manager on Facebook over the jab assignment.

“How wicked and vile,” Fergarson said. “They are deporting my son [leukemia] and any other child or adult who takes a sick child into the snow. “

“The Covid cult is much more dangerous [than] coronavirus disease. If they’re going to evict a family with cancer, they’re not going to do it,” Fergasson added.

Furgason provides local media true north It also included a copy of a letter saying that anyone over the age of 5 living at the charity must show proof of full vaccination from January 17, unless accommodation is expressly given. Families already living must get their first inspection by January 31.

In a statement emailed to Vancouver city ​​news On Wednesday, the charity said it had implemented the mandate “To ensure we meet the highest standards of health and safety and protect the vulnerable people we serve.”

RMH added that no one would be evicted per se, explaining that its “The family services team here will work closely with the hospital’s team of social workers to find alternative accommodation for families who meet their needs during their stay in Vancouver.”

“We appreciate that this policy will affect those who decide not to get vaccinated, however, the overall health and well-being of all of our residents is our primary concern,” the charity said.

Uncle McDonald’s House, funded by donations from the fast-food chain of the same name, is located near the Children’s Hospital and allows parents to “Stay in close contact with hospitalized children and enjoy the comforts of home without incurring hotel and food costs,” according to Charity. Vancouver factory opened in 1983.

Furgason and his wife moved from Kelowna in October 2021 so their then 4-year-old son Jack could begin treatment — which should end in June.

“Our kids are doing well,” Fergasson told True North. “He was full of energy and very positive. Everything was going well.”

After his wife Lindsay showed him the letter, he went to see the facility’s manager.In the video, Fergasson can be heard explaining that he is not “Anti-vaxxer,” But he chose not to take Covid-19 jabs because they wouldn’t stop the spread. The manager agreed, but said the authorization was designed to protect everyone in the facility.