Fake news about Australia-Taliban cannabis trade sweeps global headlines — RT World News

According to reports, Australia-based Cpharm has reached an agreement with the Taliban to fund a US$450 million cannabis processing plant, and a small Australian medical consulting company has been caught in a media storm.

Pajhwok Afghanistan News in Afghanistan on Wednesday Report Qari Saeed Khosti, spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, said that Cpharm Australia will invest US$450 million to build a cannabis processing plant in Afghanistan.

The media group once again quoted Khosti as saying that representatives of the Australian-based company have met with Taliban officials and actual work at the plant will begin soon. According to reports, the facility will produce certain drugs and creams.

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The spokesperson of the Ministry of the Interior was even quoted as saying that the Taliban wanted to establish a legal framework that would allow the country to benefit from the currently banned agricultural products. Despite the ban, Cpharm is said to have 10,000 acres of land for cannabis cultivation in Afghanistan.

The report was included by a number of global news organizations, including the London Times, which also named the Australian company. Verified Twitter accounts linked to the BBC and Al Arabiya in Dubai also circulated the claim.

However, on Thursday, Australia’s Cpharm rejected these reports. Tony Gabites, Cpharm Australia’s chief financial officer, told Reuters that they have no overseas transactions or any transactions involving marijuana. “We just want to figure out what we are going to do to stop it,” He added.

“We probably received 40 or 50 calls today. It’s just out of control, it’s all lies. The media guys… didn’t conduct any due diligence on what they wanted to post,” He said.

Gabites said that the 17-employee family business operates in the Maitland Regional Center of New South Wales, providing medical advice on pharmaceutical products and will never be able to raise $450 million in funding.

“Most companies we deal with will laugh at that article.” Gabites said, but it does not rule out that if the company’s reputation is damaged, legal proceedings will be filed.

Gabites believes that the story started with an account related to the Taliban, a tweet about a company called Cpharm, which may be other companies with similar names.

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