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Last year’s spike in law enforcement fatalities linked to exposure to Covid and subsequent illness while in the line of duty

A recent report showed a 55% year-over-year increase in police fatalities in the U.S. in 2021. Covid-19 infection on the job and the health complications that come with it are the biggest culprits.

A total of 458 police officers will be killed on the job, or as a direct result of it, by 2021, according to an analysis released Tuesday by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Foundation. A notable finding in the report is that “Some 301 officer deaths have been identified this year as a result of Covid,“thereby making the virus”The highest single cause of death in law enforcement occurred in 2021.“Researchers warn of numbers”It seems to be increasing every day.

According to the report, those Covid-related deaths are considered work-related deaths because “Officials have died from direct exposure to the virus in the line of duty.

By comparison, 62 officer deaths in 2021 are said to be gun-related. Notably, however, deaths from criminal assaults, including what the report described as “ambush attack,” was also up last year compared to 2020.

Texas recorded the majority of coronavirus-related deaths, with 84 from the deadly disease, followed by Florida with 52 and Georgia with 39. By contrast, in 11 states and Washington, D.C., no officials have lost their lives to the virus, the report said.

However, the analysis was preliminary and did not specify how many fallen law enforcement officers were vaccinated. Using the accumulated pool of data, the researchers draw conclusions that it is already clear”Frontline law enforcement officers in the United States continue to battle the deadly effects of the Covid-19 pandemic across the country.

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