Euthanasia Association said it only assisted in death due to vaccination — RT World News

According to the new guidelines issued by the German Euthanasia Association, now anyone who wishes to be euthanized must first show proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid.

A statement put The Hamburg-based organization released on Friday the content “Assisted suicide and preliminary examination of the patient’s ability to make free decisions mean physical intimacy between people. However, this is precisely the prerequisite for the spread of Covid.

In February 2020, the German Supreme Court overturned a ban on euthanasia that violated the Constitution.

Strict restrictions have been implemented in some areas of Germany, prohibiting unvaccinated people from entering most public places. Across the country, only people who have recovered or vaccinated can enter restaurants, museums and similar places, and those who have tested negative for Covid cannot. In the case of a surge in cases, the German states of Saxony and Bavaria have cancelled all Christmas markets.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told her party members on Monday that the current wave of the new crown virus in Germany is worse than any previous wave and called for stricter measures to contain it. The country’s Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, went further, claiming “By the end of this winter, everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, recover or die.

According to a report from the Robert Koch Institute, the German disease control and prevention agency, the 7-day infection rate per 100,000 people broke a new grim record on Wednesday, reaching the 404.5 mark, and these statements were issued.

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