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Some European countries will conduct hacking exercises to simulate major attacks on supply chains

The European Union will soon hold a far-reaching cybersecurity exercise aimed at preparing for an attack affecting distribution networks across the continent, Bloomberg reported, noting that the exercise will last for several weeks.

EU member states will begin the drills sometime in the next few days and run for six weeks. Report Citing internal documents and multiple “Anyone familiar with the matter.” The exercise was originally proposed by France, which assumed the presidency of the European Council at the beginning of the year.

intended to be “pressure test” For the EU, the simulated attack will primarily target supply chains across Europe, with actors coordinating diplomatic and public responses to the attack, and “Socioeconomic spillovers to other member states.” These hacks will mimic other cyberattacks in the past, or those considered likely in the future, in order to “As real as possible” According to one of the documents.

While the EU points out that individual member states have multiple tools to counter cyberattacks, it warns that it currently lacks “frame” For a joint response to a major incident, the exercise is designed to address a shortcoming.

The simulation is set to end next month, when EU foreign ministers will next meet and another similar hacking exercise between Israel and nine other countries at the end of last year – according to reports “War Games” Launched from Tel Aviv – it also launched a massive cyber attack on global financial markets.

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