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The European Union recommends that member states only allow travellers from outside the European Union to enter, provided they are vaccinated against Covid-19 or recover from Covid-19. According to the proposed rule, travelers will need a booster injection every nine months.

in a proposal The European Commission’s recommendation issued on Thursday states that as of March 2022, the 27 member states of the European Union will only allow vaccinated, recovered or necessary travelers (such as truck drivers) from outside the European Union. Potential travelers need to prove that they were last vaccinated no more than nine months before entering the country. This measure basically necessitates booster vaccinations for most travelers.

The EU currently recommends that member states allow passengers from more than 20 countries/regions to enter “The epidemiological situation is good.” Passengers from these places (including Canada, New Zealand and the UAE) can enter the EU with a vaccine certificate, a certificate of rehabilitation or a certificate of negative Covid-19 test. Under the new regulations, this list will be cancelled and individual travelers will only be allowed entry based on their vaccination or recovery status.

Currently, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has approved vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen. Russia’s Sputnik-V is under review by the agency, and the shots of Sanofi-GSK and Sinopharm Group are also under review.

According to the new proposal, the European Union will allow travellers who have received vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) to enter the country, excluding EMA. As long as they provide negative test results and proof of vaccination, this will allow anyone who uses SInopharm, Sinovac and the other two Indian-made vaccines to enter.

The committee’s proposal needs to be approved by the European Council. If passed, it will apply to all EU countries except Ireland, which is not a member of the borderless Schengen area.

About 67% of EU citizens are currently vaccinated against Covid-19, although the vaccination rate varies from country to country.However, even in Ireland, which has the highest vaccination rate in the European Union, reaching 93%, new virus cases appear every week. three times Since the beginning of October, the Irish government is considering new restrictions on daily life.

“Obviously, the pandemic is not over yet,” European Commissioner Didier Reendez said on Thursday, adding that “The travel rules need to take this unstable situation into account.”

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