EU says economic recovery is threatened by COVID-19 recovery

The EU says that the surge in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks threatens the EU’s recovery from the severe recession caused by the pandemic last year

BRUSSELS-The head of the European Union’s economy said on Wednesday that the surge in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks threatened the EU’s recovery from the severe recession caused by the pandemic last year.

Just two weeks ago, EU executives raised their growth forecasts for the economy to rebound from the worst of the pandemic. But the European Union Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni (Paolo Gentiloni) said on Wednesday that due to the increase in the number of infections and the re-implementation of restrictions by more and more member states, the optimistic outlook is now being questioned again.

What is worrying is that the virus crisis at the end of the year may still affect the 5% decline forecast of economic growth in the 19 countries in the Eurozone this year.

“Our only message is: take the situation very seriously,” Gentiloni said, “but don’t assume that the economic impact will be the same as a year ago.”

Medical experts warned that there will be more difficulties in the future and called for urgent measures that may affect key industries such as restaurants, bars and tourism that have been severely hit by the virus last year.

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated in a report on Wednesday that the burden of highly infectious delta variants first discovered in India is “expected to be very high in December and January” unless the government takes severe measures and the vaccination rate increases. rise.

All this runs counter to the initial expectations of the holidays, when it was believed that Europeans who were not restricted by COVID-19 would use their mandatory savings and expenditures of the past year, thereby injecting important impetus into the economy.

Now, ECDC warns that “traditionally, year-end festivals are associated with social gatherings, shopping, and travel activities, which pose a major additional risk to the delta’s enhanced spread.”

In the past, however, this meant lockdowns and massive closures of businesses that caused unprecedented economic downturns.

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