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Last weekend, three nights of violent anti-blockade riots occurred in the Netherlands, and more than 100 people were arrested. Prime Minister Mark Rutte called the rioters “idiots” and warned of new restrictions.

On Sunday night, as protests against the government’s Covid-19 measures turned into violence, angry young people raged in Dutch cities for the third consecutive day, and arrests continued.

In one of the most serious incidents on Friday, the Rotterdam police opened fire, injuring two people, a police car was set on fire, and protesters clashed with the police.

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The riot showed no sign of subsiding over the weekend. On Sunday, the mayors of several Dutch towns, including Enschede and Groningen, declared a state of emergency overnight.

The black-clothed youth threw stones at the police car, set fire to the car, and destroyed the shop.In Groningen, the police tried to clean it up after the city center was flooded with crowds on Sunday night “destroy” There, according to a police official.

In The Hague, a stone was thrown on the windshield of an ambulance that took patients to the hospital, while in Roosendaal, a large number of police officers were deployed to an area where a group of young people were setting off fireworks. According to local reports, the fire at a primary school in Roosendaal on Sunday night may have been caused by fireworks.

According to Reuters, after dozens of arrests in the previous two days, a total of 30 people were arrested in various cities in the Netherlands on Sunday, bringing the total number of detainees to more than 100. Several policemen were injured in the riot.

The government decided to re-implement part of the Covid-19 lockdown to curb the surge of new infections, which triggered violent incidents. The three-week lockdown means restaurants and shops must be closed early, and spectators are not allowed to watch sports events.

On Monday, Prime Minister Rutte slammed the rioters as “idiot” And called for protest “Only pure violence.” He also said that in addition to the existing restrictions, new measures may be introduced in early December-if the Covid situation does not improve, or even earlier.

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