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In connection with the September 20 federal election, the Black Press Media asked a series of questions to candidates in Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke.

BPM: Home ownership in Greater Victoria is out of reach for a large number of people, and with the average one-bedroom rent reaching $ 1,700, what will your party do to stabilize housing costs?

Harley Gordon – Green: Rent and house prices are very high in Greater Victoria. As your Member of Parliament, I will work to stabilize housing costs through taxes on foreign buyers and increase federal funding for transportation infrastructure, including delivery centers to local government. With incentives to add additional houses nearby. The Green Party will invest in affordable social housing to provide a safe place for all Canadians to call home.

Laura Frost – Conservative: We are not building enough houses to meet the demand. It is up to the new affordable housing government to allow builders to build cheaper. The challenge is more supply through efficient resonance and regional planning. The fact is that the federal government has no authority over municipal rezoning and regional planning. But the federal government can contribute. Our platform includes a Capital Gains Tax rollover to build new rentals that will help locally. Most important is the plan to liberate federal territory for our development, which will contribute significantly to supply. It is also an opportunity to become a reliable partner in implementing a “for local people, for local people” housing strategy to meet the housing needs of local residents and in the spirit of genuine reconciliation.

Randall Garrison – NDP: We need to fix Trudeau’s housing crisis. The NDP will prioritize it by increasing the supply of affordable housing in the market while also taking greed and speculation out of the house. The NDP project will build, renovate and secure 1.7 million homes over the next four years, including 500,000 new affordable units over the next 10 years. We will compete with the big investors who run the market by introducing tax on foreign buyers. And we know it will take time, so we will make sure that people have access to relief in emergency fares so that they are not left without housing.

Tyson Rail Strandland – Communist: Our party is committed to building 1 million units of affordable affordable social housing for rent and sale over the next 10 years. The flooding of the market with low cost government houses will also lead to a dramatic drop in the prices of private housing items. It will stimulate the economy through job creation, not only in construction and trade, but also in the spin-off of jobs in manufacturing. We will further increase federal funding for housing to the provinces while ensuring that local people manage their housing programs.

Doug Kobayashi – Liberals: I will work with every level of government. Nonprofits and developers can better understand local housing needs / challenges / opportunities and where / why gaps exist / persist. We can then formulate and implement party plans to stabilize the local living environment, including: creating a range of new housing stocks to meet a range of current and future needs, From young people to fixed income seniors who want to age. the location; Introducing a rental program to make home ownership more accessible to as many people as possible. And investing in retrofits and retailization to help increase affordable rental stocks to meet a range of housing needs.

BPM: What sacrifices must Canadians be willing to make to reach our goals of climate change?

Laura Frost: Is “sacrifice” necessary? Nationals will work with conservative provinces to implement a personal low-carbon savings account. It will encourage Canadians to adopt greener lifestyles that reduce emissions and allow them to decide what is best for their families and communities. Electric and other zero-emission technologies are essential for vehicles to meet our climate goals. The Conservatives will introduce a British Columbia-based Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate that requires 30% light duty vehicles to have zero emissions by 2030.

Randall Garrison: Canadians believe that tackling the climate crisis requires both individual and collective action, but the burden cannot be placed on working families or we will never reach our goals no matter how much people recycle. And reduce your energy use. We need to eliminate all subsidies for the fossil fuel industry and transfer this funding to renewable energy jobs and energy generation projects in communities across the country. That’s why I introduced the Motion M-50 in the last parliament.

Tyson Rail Strandland: Our party rejects the idea that only the transition to green needs to come as a sacrifice for the working people. We see this transition as an opportunity to create a number of well-paying jobs in renewable energy and environmental protection programs, to keep energy and resources under public, democratic control, and to expand large-scale public transit, including buses and high-speed rail. See as We will rebuild publicly owned and democratically controlled provincial electrical utility systems including the production, distribution, transmission and bulk electricity systems market, ensuring reliable power supply for industrial and residential use. Instead of cap and trade and carbon tax schemes, we are fighting for strict legal limits on pollution and strict limits on emissions, especially from industrial sources, to reduce emissions to zero by 2050.

Doug Kobiashi: We need to share the necessary load to move into a circular economy, which helps prevent waste and its negative effects. Governments can provide the right conditions to help our communities adapt to climate change, but we will all need to change our individual attitudes. We can all benefit from greater self-awareness and self-discipline about waste, whether it is food waste, water or the energy we use to heat our homes. ۔ Perhaps most importantly, we need to embrace change and innovation and abandon the notion of things as we have always been.

Harley Gordon: Climate action is not a sacrifice, it is an investment in our future. The cost of doing nothing is now much higher than the cost of acting. We have deadly heat waves, wildfires out of control, and 5 droughts on Vancouver Island, we need to act. As your representative, I will scrap taxpayer-funded pipelines, end subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, and protect endangered ecosystems, including old-growth forests. By tackling the climate crisis, the Green Party will reduce fossil fuel emissions, protect the environment, and grow our economy sustainably and equitably. It’s not a sacrifice, it’s an investment in a better future for all Canadians.

BPM: What do you think about provincial and federal measures to stop the spread of COVID-19?

Randall Garrison: During the COVID-19 epidemic, the New Democrats made sure that the federal government provided adequate assistance to help Canadians in difficult times. The Liberals’ initial plans were not enough to ensure that people and families could withstand the storm and move forward financially while protecting each other. We know that Cove 19 is not over, we have to make sure we keep on the path to recovery where people help them, sick days are needed so they can stay home when they or Their children are sick, and everyone can get the vaccine.

Tyson Rail Strandland: The epidemic has exposed the deplorable state of our underprivileged healthcare system, as well as private, for-profit long-term care facilities, which should be replaced by public, non-profit care. Millions of workers have been left without jobs, homes, or economic hardship, while the government has kept corporate profits from skyrocketing rather than the health, safety and financial well-being of working people. Instead of working with other nations, Canada has shamefully stockpiled vaccine supplies at the expense of the world’s poorest countries so that pharmaceutical companies can revoke vaccine patents.

Doug Kobiashi: I believe that all levels of government have worked together to raise public awareness of global epidemics, to enforce and enforce health orders, and to help the public better understand the dangers of the spread. Given, and the steps to take to protect yourself from Covid 19. Testing and vaccination programs were conducted quickly and efficiently. Domestic and foreign travel was halted in an attempt to curb the spread of public health hazards. The federal and provincial governments immediately introduced emergency benefit programs to help reduce the serious financial impact of the epidemic on many people.

Harley Gordon: In 2020, politicians remembered that they had a job to do. Canadians come together to fight a global epidemic. Unfortunately, solidarity and cooperation did not last. We are now in an unnecessary election, during an epidemic, because one party wanted all the power. The epidemic also exposed problems in our long-term care homes and government measures to protect the elderly failed. As your representative, I will fight for the better protection of my elders and set a national standard in long-term care. The federal government was able to purchase the vaccine for all Canadians, however, due to the neglect of the biomedical manufacturing industry, Canadians did not have a domestic supply of the vaccine. As your Member of Parliament, I support strengthening Canada’s bio-economy and investing in manufacturing.

Laura Frost: BC has done a great job limiting the spread of COVID-19. Vaccines are the most important tool in the fight against COVID-19. The initial, inappropriate decision to purchase the Sino vaccine delayed the federal procurement of the vaccine by a year, which proved to be very ineffective. Border control is an important tool at the federal level. Liberals have been slow to protect Canadians from the initial outbreak by simply taking control of tight borders.

PPP candidate Rob Anderson did not answer questions.

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