Elon Musk’s Las Vegas tunnel created a problem it vowed to solve (video)-Action News Now

A video surfaced on social media showing Tesla cars jammed in Elon Musk’s Las Vegas tunnel, which is designed to alleviate ground traffic problems in the city.

This video, taken from inside a Tesla car, shows traffic jams in a narrow underground single-lane tunnel. The “loop” tunnel built by the Boring Company extends from the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center to the South Hall and back.

People hop on Tesla electric cars at special “stations”, and human-driven cars (currently) transport passengers to another drop-off point. The tunnel is 1.7 miles (2.7 kilometers) long, which obviously shortens the 25-minute walk to a two-minute drive.

The video shows that the congestion in this case seems to be caused by the congestion at one of the drop-off points. The increase in traffic in the tunnel coincides with the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Some on Twitter laughed at the fact that the tunnels designed to deal with traffic jams already face challenges. “It turns out that the’future of traffic’ that solves congestion is already experiencing congestion,” one person wrote.

“Who can predict this?!” other ask Ironically.

Musk founded his tunnel company in 2016 and stated that he plans to expand the Vegas Tunnel to other major destinations in the city, and eventually connect it to Los Angeles-which may connect the two cities Driving time has been shortened from four or five hours to the following two. However, the billionaire has seen similar projects cancelled in Washington, Baltimore and Chicago.

Officials in Fort Lauderdale, Florida gave the green light to one of his projects last summer.

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