Eight Afghan students killed in off-campus bombing – global issue

Four other children in class were also injured when explosive remnants of war detonated near a school on Monday. All twelve were boys.

UNICEFActing representative in the country Alice Aquinga, describe The incident highlights the importance of more international support for Afghanistan so that authorities can “clear explosives and remnants of war”.

“It is equally important to educate children and their communities about the risks and precautions to take,” she added.

UNICEF expresses its deepest sympathies to the families of the victims and the injured.

“Protecting Children”

Globally, explosive ordnance, including remnants of war, caused nearly 50 percent of child casualties in 2020, killing and maiming more than 3,900 children, according to UNICEF.

“Schools and their environs must be safe places for all children to learn and grow,” Ms Ackunga reminded.

“UNICEF urges all concerned in Afghanistan to take concrete steps to clean up weapons-contaminated areas and protect children from harm at all times.”