Due to Sharia law, Pakistan abandoned its chemical castration program — RT World News

Due to opposition from Islamic legal experts, Pakistan’s plan to carry out chemical castration of serial rapists has been cancelled, and they stated that such punishment would violate Islamic law.

A parliament official said on Friday that a controversial clause in a bill to amend Pakistan’s criminal law was cancelled before the National Assembly voted on it on Wednesday. Maleeka Bokhari, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Law and Justice, explained that if it were passed, it would be unconstitutional. The country’s basic law requires that all its laws comply with Islamic Sharia and the Koran.

Bohari said that the decision to cancel the clause was due to opposition from the Islamic Ideological Committee, which is a constitutional body that advises the Pakistani government on the complexity of Islamic laws.

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Teen rapists save the anger of jail

The bill amended Pakistan’s Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law to simplify the investigation and prosecution of sexual crimes as part of broader anti-rape reforms. Some conservative lawmakers have loudly opposed the castration clause because the legislation is moving towards ratification. Senator Mustak Ahmed of the Islamic National Unity Party believes that rapists should be publicly hanged, and Sharia law never mentions castration.

Independence bill Parliament on Wednesday also approved a system of special regional investigators for rape allegations appointed by the prime minister, as well as new protections for victims, and penalties for officials who fail to properly investigate their complaints.Among other things, it can prove that the victim is “Generally unethical” The court is inadmissible.

Reforms are necessary because Pakistan’s current deterrence against sex crimes has been “Weak investigations, outdated procedures and evidence rules, trial delays,” The bill says.

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