Doctors claim in letter to Spotify that Joe Rogan is a ‘threat to public health’ — Action News Now


Hundreds of health experts accuse the service’s top podcast of spreading ‘baseless conspiracy theories’ about Covid-19

A group of 270 health and science professionals has signed an open letter to audio streaming service Spotify calling for stricter policies on misinformation in a bid to combat what podcaster Joe Rogan called a Covid “conspiracy theory.”

This letter Focuses on the supposed dangers the comedian’s highly influential podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” presents to listeners as he and his various guests discuss topics like the coronavirus.

“The average age of the audience is 24, and according to Washington state data, unvaccinated 12- to 34-year-olds are 12 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 than fully vaccinated people,” it states.

It went on to slam Rogan for promoting alternatives to Covid vaccines such as ivermectin and hosting guests like Dr. Robert Malone, a vaccine critic, Suspended for being accused of spreading misinformation. A clip of Rogan’s interview with Malone drew criticism from the medical community after the interview.

reception of guests as Malone Yes “Medical and Cultural Dangers,” The letter states and warns that Spotify Rogan’s podcast offers a “Destructive Sociological Problems.”

Epidemiologist Katrin Wallace of the University of Illinois at Chicago, one of the signatories to the letter, believes that Rogan “Threats to public health.” She blames his podcast for success “It seems like there are two sides to the problem, there really isn’t. The overwhelming evidence is that the vaccine works and it’s safe.”

Rogan doesn’t say he’s anti-vaccine, but he’s credited with inviting many Covid-19 vaccine critics to his show, criticizing pandemic-time restrictions and questioning the U.S. government’s strategy for mass vaccinations (even those at low risk) And there was a lot of resistance to contracting Covid. Rogan himself was diagnosed with the coronavirus last year and has drawn criticism after publicly battling the virus. “kitchen sink” Medications, including ivermectin.

The podcast and Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator, who has been Spotify’s most popular podcaster since joining the platform last year, has spoken with a range of guests on topics ranging from fitness to comedy to conspiracy theories.