Djokovic “victim of political games”-RT’s diplomat-Action News Now

The Serbian diplomat told RT that the legal dispute over the Australian visa of Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has caused “understandable” anger and frustration among fans around the world.

The Australian Federal Court rejected the decision to cancel the athlete’s visa on Monday, saying that officials did not give him enough time to respond to allegations that he violated the country’s strict entry regulations. The judge ordered Djokovic to be immediately released from the immigration detention center.

“I hope the Australian authorities respect their court’s decision. [Respecting] Court decisions are an attribute of the rule of law,” Slavoljub Tsaric, the charge d’affaires of the Embassy of Serbia in Moscow, told RT.

Djokovic reluctantly became “Victims of political games,” Said the diplomat.

Novak Djokovic is not a criminal, terrorist or illegal immigrant, but he was treated like this by the Australian authorities, which aroused the outrage of his fans and citizens, which is understandable [not just] Serbia, but all other worlds.

On Monday, Melbourne police used pepper spray to disperse a group of Djokovic fans outside the offices of Djokovic’s lawyers’ team, some of them wearing Serbian flags.

The athlete was scheduled to participate in the Australian Open but was detained last week while trying to enter the country, which was granted a medical exemption for Covid vaccination.

According to the Daily Telegraph, citing court documents, Djokovic told border officials that he had not been vaccinated but had recovered from the virus last month and tested negative on December 22. Despite this, officials revoked his visa, saying the tennis player had violated the rules.

Saric expressed the hope that Djokovic can participate in the game. However, just as Immigration Minister Alex Hawke stated after Monday’s ruling that he may still revoke the athlete’s visa, his participation remains uncertain.

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