Djokovic receives medical exemption to participate in Australian Open | Tennis News

The Serbian tennis player announced that he will compete in Melbourne after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination exemption.

Novak Djokovic announced that after receiving a medical exemption from COVID-19 vaccination, he will participate in the opening Grand Slam of the season, thus ending his defense at the Australian Open. Speculation about the championship battle.

The number one person in the world who refused to disclose his vaccination status previously stated that he was Not sure if he will participate in the competition Due to concerns about Australia’s quarantine regulations, at the tournament held in Melbourne from January 17th to 30th.

“During the break, I had a wonderful time with someone I love, and today I will travel to Australia with an exemption. Let’s go to 2022,” Djokovic on Instagram on Tuesday Write.

The Australian Open organizers issued a statement late on Tuesday confirming that Djokovic will be allowed to participate in the game.

The Australian Tennis Association (TA) stipulates that all participants of the Grand Slam tournament must be vaccinated against the coronavirus or obtain a medical exemption granted by an independent expert panel.

The team will be composed of doctors from the fields of immunology, infectious diseases and general medicine. This initiative is jointly agreed with the Victorian Ministry of Health.

TA stated that the 34-year-old Djokovic had applied for a medical exemption, which was obtained after a “rigorous review process” involving two independent independent medical expert panels.

“One of them is an independent medical exemption review team appointed by the Victorian Department of Health,” TA said in a statement.

“They evaluated all applications to see if they meet the Australian Immunization Technical Advisory Group (ATAGI) guidelines.”

It added that the process includes editing personal information to ensure the privacy of all applicants. This means that Djokovic is not obliged to disclose his immunity.

A Victorian government official confirmed the exemption and told the Herald Sun that any player who is exempted will go through a two-stage process to verify that their health meets the exemption criteria.

“I’m ready to live and breathe tennis in the next few weeks of games. Thank you everyone for your support,” Djokovic added in his post with a photo of him at the airport.

‘Not a loophole’

Australian Open event director Craig Terry said: “A fair and independent agreement has been established for the evaluation of medical exemption applications. This will allow us to ensure that the Australian Open in 2022 is safe and enjoyable for everyone.”

“The core of this process is that the decision is made by an independent medical expert, and each applicant is given due consideration,” Tilly said.

Victoria’s Lieutenant Governor James Melino said last month that medical immunity is “not a loophole for privileged tennis players”.

Melino said at the press conference: “If you have an acute illness, this is a medical exemption under special circumstances.”

The decision announced on Tuesday will be experienced in a Months of strict lockdown And strict travel restrictions at the height of the pandemic.

British doubles player Jamie Murray questioned the exemption, saying that if he were in Djokovic’s position, he was unlikely to get one.

“I think if I hadn’t been vaccinated, I would not get a waiver… But it did a good job for him because he got the opportunity to come to Australia to play,” he played in the ATP Cup against Canada in the doubles match. Said later.

“In the final analysis, you must believe that he does have a reasonable medical exemption.”

In the past few days, Djokovic went to Australia after training in Marbella, Spain.

Djokovic won Record nine Australian Open titles, Including the last three, and tied with Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal for the top spot in 20 majors.