Disney is hiring social media experts to develop their TikTok

If your New Year’s resolution is to shoot video blogs about castles, weird characters, and Dole Whip, then Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in the United States can meet your needs.

on Monday, The company announced It is hiring two social media content coordinators to “expand DPEP (Disneyland, experience and product) social media influence”-especially on TikTok.The selected applicants will be Walt Disney World in Orlando, FloridaAnd Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

The job description requires social media experts in digital marketing, video editing, and “an affinity for the Disney brand, including a passion for Disneyland”-but the biggest requirement of the position is that the new coordinator is shrewd about platform trends.

This experience and intuition are essential to support the popular Disneyland account.between Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter, And its audience consists of approximately 8 million users. Disneyland uses the TikTok platform with up to 4.1 million fans to share hidden details, unique visitor experiences, and team members’ views from within the park.

“Our goal is to find creative ways to build brand trust and loyalty among internal and external audiences, and achieve maximum impact and shareability through compelling visual stories and content,” the job posting said.

It also mentioned that applicants should be proactive, solution-oriented and good at time management.

There are also benefits to working in Disneyland-employees can enjoy exclusive discounts, affordable childcare services and 100% of the university tuition of selected schools, According to its website.

But during the pandemic, Disney is not the most amazing place to work for many people. Thousands of workers were fired– 32,000 in the first half of 2021 fiscal year. Most people are employed in the company’s campus, experience, and product departments.

“Paying the bill and putting food on the table is absolutely hard,” former Walt Disney World server Laura Cave Braunston, Tell the guardian In the layoffs in August 2020. “We had to go to the food event. Initially there were only a few hundred people, but now there are more than a thousand people in line.”

However, according to reports, in June last year, Walt Disney World began offering $1,000 signing bonuses to new housekeepers and select kitchen employees. Bloomberg. Around that time, Orlando theme parks also resumed their paid summer internship program.

Given the proliferation of Covid’s omicron, now may not be the best time to work in a high-traffic theme park.Disney’s four cruise ships are Currently under observation Regarding the recent outbreak of CDC, and Hong Kong Disneyland It will be closed until January 20 to reduce the spread of the virus.

American Park, However, it is still open and guests are required to wear masks indoors.

The content coordinator must also comply with Disney’s safety compliance requirements.Salaried and non-union employees of the two parks Need to be vaccinated.

If you understand the key performance indicators and are passionate about the princess, then this position may be your dream job. Apply and complete the application for the position through Disney’s career website.

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