Delhi police have come to Twitter headquarters in the country

On Monday, a group of officials from the Special Team of the Police Elite Department in New Delhi that is responsible for investigating terrorism and organized crime came to Twitter’s office in the city and “served a notice” to the person in charge of Twitter in India. . The police also tried to enter Twitter office in GurgaonA Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the location has been permanently closed.

The move occurred three days after Twitter posted the “Manipulated Media” label on it. tweets Among the six members of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, they accused the main opposition party, the National Congress of India, of planning to harm Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handling of India’s second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a picture circulated by the members, they claimed that the Indian National Congress is offering special medical benefits to journalists affected by the pandemic. AltNews, an Indian fact-checking website, Established The image is fake. (Congress also filed a police complaint with BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, who originally shared the image.) On Friday, the Ministry of IT of India Sent a letter The company asked it to remove the label. Twitter does not.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment.

Several Delhi police spokespersons did not respond to requests for comment. But sources within the law enforcement agency told BuzzFeed News that after receiving an “ambiguous response” from the managing director of Twitter India, they went to the Twitter office to issue a notice to Twitter as part of a “routine procedure”. Manish Maheshwari.

In the police action video seen by BuzzFeed News, officials walked to the receptionist in the lobby of the New Delhi building, where Twitter’s Indian headquarters is located, and asked the security for the location of the office. It is unclear whether the police entered the office.

For months, Twitter has been confronting the Indian government. In February, the company Refusal to review Tweets belonging to the country’s journalists, activists and politicians, despite the Indian government’s order to do so, and despite threat From the IT department to the prison Twitter officials, because they did not drag the government line.

At the end of February, the Indian government Unveil The new regulations impose greater powers on social media companies. On Friday, it issued an order requiring the platform to delete references to the “Indian variant” of the coronavirus. according to To Reuters.

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