Death toll from rockfall in Brazil’s lake rises to 10

The Brazilian police said the death toll from the accident in which a cliff rock was dumped on a cruiser on a Brazilian lake has risen to 10

Brasilia, Brazil-Police said on Sunday that the death toll from the accident in which a rock on a cliff on a Brazilian lake was dumped on cruisers had risen to 10 people. The authorities tried to determine the identity of the dead, and divers were searching in the lake to prevent more victims.

Police Chief Marcos Pimenta (Marcos Pimenta) said that there may be people missing after an accident in Minas Gerais on Saturday. At least 32 people were injured, but most of them were discharged from the hospital on Saturday night.

The accident occurred between the towns of San Jose da Barra and Capitolo where the ship left. The video image shows a group of small boats moving slowly near the steep rocky cliffs of Lake Furnas, when a crack appeared in the rock and a huge fragment fell on several boats.

The body was taken to the city of Pasos, where the coroner conducted identification. Regional police officer Marcos Pimenta said the task was difficult due to the “high energy impact” of the rocks on the rowers. He stated that one of the victims was identified as 68-year-old Júlio Borges Antunes.

Furnas Lake was built in 1958 to install hydroelectric power plants and is a popular tourist attraction in the area approximately 420 kilometers (260 miles) north of São Paulo.

Officials said the loose walls may be related to the recent heavy rains, which caused flooding in the state and forced nearly 17,000 people to leave their homes.

Tiago Antonelli, head of the Department of Applied Geology at the Brazilian Geological Agency, said that the cliff walls have been eroded for hundreds of years and are susceptible to rain, heat and cold.

“It is normal for this to happen in many canyons, even with such large rocks. But now, with the intensification of tourism, people are beginning to approach these places and use their mobile phones to record these phenomena,” Antonelli said.

Joana Fontez, professor of geology at the Federal University of Goias, said that the authorities should control the site to prevent accidents, especially during the rainy season. She said that the ship should maintain a distance of at least one kilometer (0.6 miles) from the waterfall where the accident occurred.


Video reporter Marcos Limonti and photographer Igor do Vale contributed to this report in Capitolio, Brazil.