David Schumer is seen on camera stealing beer from a restaurant in Blackpool, England.

Blackpool police have shared a photo of the thief, who bears a striking resemblance to actor David Schumer, who played Ross Geller in the 90’s set “Friends”.

Blackpool police

London – A British police force has received thousands of humorous responses after a security camera posted a picture showing a man in the guise of a “friend” Ross Geller stealing beer from a restaurant.

Police in Blackpool, north England, on Tuesday shared a photo of the man holding David Schumer holding a crate of beer.

Blackpool police shared the photo in a post on their Facebook page, which was later removed, and drowned. Humorous answers Inspired by some of the most popular lines from the 90’s TV show.

“It’s not her day, it’s not her week, it’s not her month, it’s not even her beer …,” one partner joked.

“How did he get her attention?” Tommy Dunsmuir asked. “Was anyone on break?”

The police department seemed to be enjoying the jokes of Facebook users, it took time to clear the name of the actor. “Thank you all for your prompt response,” he said. “We have thoroughly investigated the matter and confirmed that David Schumer was in the United States at that date.”

“We are very sorry that this has to happen.”

Actor David Schumer


More than 100,000 users have joined it, many citing the show’s popular theme song.

Schmidt himself tweeted with the hashtag #itwasntme.

Police in Scotland also joined in the fun. Police in Dumfries and Galway Shared a Facebook post, And warned members of the public to stay away.

Before you go to bed tonight be sure to read the comments on this post by the Blackpool Police; and if you see it, keep it …

Posted by Dumfries Galloway Police Division On Tuesday, October 23, 2018

“He has studied karate and we believe he has mastered the art of anagi, which is a state of complete awakening,” he said, quoting an episode of the show’s season 6. I confuse Ras Angi (a Japanese L). Zanshin (a term used in Japanese martial arts).


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