Covid protests the “pure violence” of “idiots”-Prime Minister of the Netherlands-RT World News

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte criticized the anti-coronavirus protesters who fought with the police as “idiots” who used violence under the guise of dissatisfaction.

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Covid protests continue to shock the first country in Western Europe to reimplement partial blockades

As the prime minister, as a liberal, I will always defend the demonstrations in this country, which are part of our democracy and the rule of law.But what I can never accept is those idiots who use pure violence against people who work every day to maintain national security under the guise of “we are not satisfied”.,” Rutte said.

He added that the scene seen in the past few days is “Nothing more than pure violence. “

The Netherlands reintroduced a partial lockdown last week in response to the surge in Covid cases. This triggered another wave of demonstrations in major cities including The Hague and Rotterdam. Dozens of people were arrested and several policemen were injured.

The three-week partial lockdown means restaurants and shops must be closed early, and spectators are not allowed in sports events. On Friday, the government also announced that there will be no New Year fireworks displays for the second year in a row, which angered many people.

Ruth earlier announced plans to introduce a law that would allow companies to restrict the country’s coronavirus passport system to only those who are fully vaccinated and those who have recovered from Covid-19, which has caused further dissatisfaction.

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