Covid protests continue to re-impose partial blockade in the first country in Western Europe-RT World News

In The Hague, protests against the new Covid-19 restrictions turned into violence. The day before the riots, several demonstrators in another Dutch city of Rotterdam were injured in police fire.

On Saturday, seven people were arrested after fierce clashes between law enforcement officials and anti-blockade demonstrators broke out in The Hague, where the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is located.

A video shared on social media showed that the protesters set off firecrackers, causing multiple fires and causing the city’s sky to glow a weird red.

In another segment, a group of protesters can be seen tearing down a traffic pole equipped with surveillance cameras.

The Dutch police reported that five policemen were injured in a showdown with the mob. A police officer was taken to the hospital with a knee injury and a concussion.The other two “Hearing impaired” Two other people suffered injuries to their hands.

After the violent destruction of protests against the re-implementation of Covid-19 restrictions in Rotterdam, chaos in the third largest city in the Netherlands appeared for a day. After the police opened fire to quell the riots, more than 50 people were arrested in the city and three others were injured.The police later claimed that the officers were “Forced to shoot at the target” To protect yourself. The three injured protesters are still receiving treatment in the hospital. Their condition is unknown.

Last week, after the Netherlands became the first Western European country to enter a partial blockade since the summer, protests swept through many Dutch cities. After the government banned New Year’s Eve fireworks displays and the Dutch parliament supported the introduction of the so-called 2G system, tensions further intensified. The system will prohibit people who have not been vaccinated and who have not recently recovered from the virus from a long list of public places. .

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