COVID-19 timetable for the first few weeks in Wuhan

CT scans of the couple who were treated at Hubei Provincial Hospital showed that their lungs had “ground glass” opacity. Dr. Zhang Jixian, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine at the hospital, insisted that the couple’s son also had a CT scan, even though he did not have any symptoms of pneumonia. Sure enough, his lungs also looked like ground glass.

CT scan of a 65-year-old man with COVID-19 in China.

CT scan of a 65-year-old man with COVID-19 in China. Pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus will have a unique hazy plaque on the outer edge of the lung, as indicated by the arrow.

(Associated Press Mount Sinai Hospital)

A worker in the South China market had similar CT findings and was admitted to Hubei Provincial Hospital. Zhang reported the four cases to the hospital administrators, who reported a new viral disease to the Jianghan District Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They warned that it could be contagious.

Vision Medicals notified Wuhan Central Hospital that the 65-year-old delivery man treated there was infected with a previously unknown coronavirus. The company produced almost complete viral genome sequences.

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