COVID-19 rules fueled “explosive” unrest in Guadeloupe: Macron | Coronavirus pandemic news

Angry about the authorization of vaccines in French overseas territories Guadeloupe President Emmanuel Macron said this created an “explosive” situation.

The general strike called by the union has entered its second week Robbery and violent protest Oppose the coronavirus measures implemented in Paris, including health pass rules and Compulsory vaccination For health workers.

The Prime Minister of Macron and lawmakers from the Caribbean Islands will hold crisis talks in Paris on Monday.

With approximately 400,000 residents, Police in Guadeloupe After curfew violators robbed and set fire to shops and pharmacies, 38 people were arrested overnight on Sunday.

“We just don’t know how far this will go,” the mayor of Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe’s main city, told France Info radio.

French media reported on Sunday that thug He broke into an arsenal in Pointe-a-Pitre and took the rifle.

The mayor of Guadeloupe said that there have been violent protests before, but now there are “great worries” on the island because the rioters have guns.

Officials in Guadeloupe said protesters opened fire on security forces and firefighters, adding that “organized gangs” had now joined the riots.

On Monday, the city was basically quiet, schools were closed, and roadblocks were set up on the streets because most shops were still closed.

France deployed 200 Extra policeIncluding elite commandos, went to Guadeloupe to quell the unrest.

The dusk to dawn curfew from 6:00 pm to 5:00 am local time (22:00 – 0900 GMT) will currently last until Tuesday.

Outrage over vaccine regulations and Coronavirus restrictions This raises broader questions about the relationship between the archipelago and Paris.

During the weekend, Guadeloupe’s main union UGTG called for continued protests.

UGTG Secretary-General Maite Hubert M’Toumo said that although the demonstrations were initiated by the vaccine authorization, they also expressed “what the people, especially the young and the elderly, feel The depth of suffering, inequality, poverty and exclusion”.

Macron acknowledged the seriousness of the situation and urged local politicians not to confuse related issues. Coronavirus rules Due to the dissatisfaction and long-term complaints of the colonial era, Paris has neglected this territory economically.

“We will not succumb to lies, distorted information and some people’s use of this situation,” Macron said during a visit to northern France on Monday, calling the situation “very explosive.”

“We don’t play health, we will not let the health of the French people be played for political infighting,” he added. “We must explain, explain, explain and persuade, persuade, persuade, because we can’t make fun of the people’s health.”

Vaccination rates in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific regions in French overseas territories are generally far lower than those in the mainland, and anti-virus measures have repeatedly experienced turbulence.

On the neighboring French overseas territory of Martinique, about 190 kilometers (118 miles) south of Guadeloupe, a general strike was called for on Monday.Union leaders call for an end Mandatory vaccination For health workers. They also demonstrated support for wage increases and problems.


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