“Control freak” Netanyahu obsessed with media image, former assistant testifies-RT World News

Benjamin Netanyahu told Israeli courts during the former prime minister’s ongoing corruption trial on Monday that when it comes to media coverage of himself, Benjamin Netanyahu is more than a “control freak”. “.

His control of media affairs is “Absolutely and comprehensively, without exception,” Nir Hefetz, a key witness for the prosecution, testified that Netanyahu-who served as the Minister of Communications from 2014 to 2017-spent time with him on how the media portrayed his issue. The description of security issues takes the same amount of time.

“Netanyahu is more than just a control freak. When it comes to media matters, he wants to know everything-down to the distant details,” Hefitz told the Jerusalem District Court in his opening testimony for the “Case 4000” trial. The case alleges that Netanyahu’s policies benefited the owners of Israeli telecommunications giant Bezeq in exchange for positive reports on its news website.

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Former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu raised his hand due to a mistake and voted with rivals

Hefitz also testified that after Netanyahu negotiated with his wife and son, the former Minister of Communications Gilad Erdan was removed from office in 2014.This family apparently reached “Clearly…decided that only Netanyahu will become Minister of Communications,” He said, adding that the move was not “Be open to negotiations or indecision.”

According to the Times of Israel, Hefitz became a witness for the prosecution two weeks after being arrested and interrogated. He is believed to have provided prosecutors with key evidence of his role as an interlocutor between Netanyahu and Bezeq owner Shaul Elovitch, who had sought to approve a pending multimillion dollar merger.

Hefitz said his meeting with Elovich focused on who the next minister of communications is, and testified that Netanyahu is “100%” Aware of the worries of the media tycoon. Elovich apparently provided a list of potential candidates for the vacant ministerial post, and Netanyahu was his first choice.

At the same time, it is reported that the defense team will broadcast an excerpt from the Hefetz police interrogation, claiming that he was under illegal pressure to become a national witness and that his testimony should be invalid.

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