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The Spanish Supreme Court rejected the appeal of a woman who was allegedly forced to perform oral sex to repay the loan

The Spanish Constitutional Court rejected a lawsuit filed by a woman who claimed that her ex-brother-in-law forced her to perform oral sex on him two to three times a week to repay her debts.

Earlier this week, the Constitutional Court stated that it would not try cases submitted to the court by Mallorcan women. Her case was heard by the local court in Palma de Mallorca and the regional court of appeals in the Balearic Islands, and both stated that there was no crime.

When the appellant discovered that she was short of money in 2019, the brother of her former partner agreed to help and paid 15,000 euros to her bank account. She told the court that they had agreed that as long as she was able, she could repay the money little by little.

However, she claimed that the man was 20 years older than her and forced her to perform oral sex and other sexual services two or three times a week in exchange for the funds he lent her. The woman admitted to visiting her ex-brother-in-law five times before breaking the arrangement.

After disrupting her transaction, she claimed that she began to receive threatening messages from him and pointed out that it might “revenge“And reported her outstanding debts.

The woman reported to the police, but the man insisted that he was innocent and claimed that they had arrived “Lent her 15,000 euros in exchange for a sexual relationship” Then “Requirement to comply with previously accepted transactions does not constitute a crime.”

The local and regional courts of appeal agreed with the creditors and ruled that the woman had free sex with a 58-year-old woman. The judge of the court of appeal stated that there was no evidence of sexual abuse or coercion.

The ruling has been criticized by feminists, including Spanish Equality Minister Irene Montero. “Only yes means yes. Without consent, it is rape. Consent means there is no coercion or threat,” Montero said in a tweet in December 2020.

Many local media have accused the Constitutional Court of supporting the idea that sex can be used to help repay debts.

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