Coffins covered with Nazi flags, Catholic Church outraged – Action News Now

Photos and videos of Italian funerals show mourners covering coffins with Nazi flags and fascist salute

The vicar in Rome issued a statement condemning the funeral procession outside the church, which saw mourners gather around a coffin covered in swastikas while chanting “Now!” and saluting fascists with their right arms.

Italian news site Open published photos and videos of the conditions outside the church of St. Lucia in Rome, sparking a backlash over the presence of Nazi symbols in places of worship.

In a statement released Tuesday, the Roman Catholic Church denied having any knowledge of what happened, claiming that the parish priest and the priest officiating the funeral had no idea what was going on outside after the ceremony.

“This ideological and violent exploitation, especially after the practice of worship near the Holy Land, remains grave, offensive and unacceptable to the church community in Rome and to all well-meaning people in our city,” said the Rector of Rome.

Diocese has confirmed incident outside church, vicarage says “Conducted without the authorization of the parish priest or the officiating priest” who ever “have no idea” Before the planned event, known as the Nazi flag “A terrible symbol irreconcilable with Christianity.”

Church of St. Lucia soon distances itself from itself “Every word, gesture and symbol used outside the church is attributed to an extremist ideology far removed from the message of the Gospel of Christ.”

Pope Francis, who is officially bishop of Rome, has not commented on the matter.

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