Cocaine submarine wreck: Coast Guard seizes 16 165 million worth of cocaine submarine

One “Narco Sub” is carrying 12,000. Pounds of cocaine The US Coast Guard has seized more than 5 165 million. Officials said Tuesday. The 40-foot-long ship was heading for the United States earlier this month when it was intercepted in the Pacific Ocean.

The crew members aboard the rigid Valentine stopped a self-propelled submarine loaded with drugs during a routine patrol in international waters. They arrested four. Suspected drug smuggler On board

The submarine was originally discovered on a cruise ship before Valent’s crew was sent by the Joint Intelligence Task Force South to intercept it. The team arrived just after sunset and succeeded early in the morning with the help of the Colombian navy.

“The joint boarding successfully intercepted the drug-smuggling ship and strengthened international relations and communication between the two partner countries,” the Coast Guard said.

According to the Coast Guard, the crew brought in about 1,100. Pounds of cocaine On the brave. The remaining amount could not be recovered from the submarine due to security concerns.

Matthew Waldron, Valentine’s commanding officer, said: “There are no words to describe the feeling Valentine’s staff is experiencing at the moment.” Within 24 hours, the crew crossed the equator and intercepted a self-propelled submarine laden with drugs. Mentioned. Unparalleled. ”

Waldron added that “this prohibition was a one-handed deck evolution, and every crew member performed above and beyond duty.”


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