Claims of ‘killer Zionist dolphin’ draw attention in Israel — Action News Now

Hamas released a video claiming its ‘frogmen’ had arrested the aquatic assassin

Palestinian militant group Hamas claims to have arrested a Mossad-trained “killer dolphin” spy wearing specialized combat gear for allegedly attacking a naval combat unit off the coast of Gaza.

A video released by the armed group announcing the apparent arrest was widely shared on social media on Tuesday. In the 25-second video, Abu Hamza, a spokesman for the Qassam Brigade, said their “frogmen troops” had spotted and trapped the aquatic assassin during an operation.

Some media cited a report in the Al-Quds newspaper, which apparently stated that the dolphin was holding a “equipment” Able to kill Hamas agents who were allegedly chased into the sea. The video includes footage of a conical, seatbelt-like device said to have been taken from the captured spy.

on twitter about “Killer Zionist Dolphins,” Joe Truzman, an analyst with the American Foundation for the Defense of Democracy lobby group, noted that Abu Hamza revealed that the animal was found by a member of the frogman unit. “Who was killed by Israel in the May conflict.”

On Wednesday, Israel’s official Twitter account, run by its foreign ministry’s “digital diplomacy team”, appeared to make fun of the reports by posting a series of dolphin emojis, without clarifying that the post was a response to the allegations.

While some social media users appeared to dismiss Hamas’ claims, some — like HI Sutton, news analyst at the U.S. Naval Institute — said the report had “Some credibility” because it is “It seems plausible that Israel might have a naval marine mammal program.”

in the blog postal, Sutton said Maju “Seems to fit a dolphin’s nose” and is “similar” to those used by such programs in other countries.He added that it appears to have a “Attach a spear-like device” this might be a way “Tag Target” or a “Straightforward weapon.”

However, he warned that there are “There is no evidence that the seat belts came from Israel, or even from dolphins.”

This is not the first time Hamas has accused Israel of using trained dolphins. In August 2015, the BBC cited reports from the Holy City that another captured dolphin was caught “Deprived of Will” and become “Murderer” by the Israeli army.