Civilians killed in “Israel strike on Syria” – National TV – RT World News

According to the country’s official media, it is said that Israel launched an air strike in central Syria, killing at least two civilians and wounding several soldiers. Syria’s air defense system has been activated to repel the attack.

“The Israeli enemy launched an air strike from Beirut’s northeast with missiles, targeting some places in the central region.” A military official told the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Wednesday morning, adding that two other civilians had been “severely injured” The two were killed together.

The attack occurred at around 1:30 am local time, and 6 soldiers were injured. “Some material loss,” The official continued, but did not elaborate.

Unconfirmed footage circulating online claimed to show one of the ammunition in the air in Homs, but the Syrian interceptor was not seen in the short clip.

Although the Israeli military rarely confirms such actions, Damascus has repeatedly accused Tel Aviv of conducting regular attacks on Syrian territory during the decade-long war with rebel jihadist groups. Another air strike It was recently reported last week near the country’s capital.However, Israeli officials have already acknowledged some missions, and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once claimed that Israel has launched “Hundreds” The strikes against Syria in recent years are aimed at deterring the Iranian military and militia groups stationed there.

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