City staff, the public and the council need to be vaccinated or show evidence of a negative test.

A nurse draws food from a vaccine bottle in Prince Albert. Photo courtesy of SHA

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Members of the public and Prince Albert staff working on city facilities must provide proof of a complete vaccination or a negative COVID test.

The main impetus for the policy was the request of North Central Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Khami Choukani, who in September asked the council to adopt a stronger policy than the province.

“Dr. Choukani came to the council with an extensive PowerPoint presentation on the dangers and what is happening in our hospital and in our community,” Kaun said. Tara Linux Zip, one of eight councilors who voted in favor of the policy. “It encouraged us, as the city council, to look at the measures that were then – and are now – being implemented far beyond the province.”

The vigil had two purposes, he said, and one was to save lives from life-threatening death.

“As a city councilor, it’s very convincing to hear that when our city’s medical officer asks you, will you help us save our lives?” Linux Zip said. “It’s very effective.”

The second goal was to prevent the collapse of the city’s healthcare system.

“This is something we need very seriously. I want to say that I am very much aware that the municipality is also in this situation. This is something that the provincial government has – to take further steps. And the ability to consider them. “The province has not implemented the measures we are talking about and they have left us, the city council, in a very difficult position to try to do the right thing. “

The council has included itself in the requirements but there is no test option as all councilors have to provide proof of vaccination to the city clerk by the staff deadline.

Through the CUPE union, some staff members spoke out against parts of the policy, especially the need to pay on time for their own tests, saying the policy was not good.

“We are not negligent and we are not against public safety,” said Leslie Morot Bartley, a member of the union. “We are against turning civilized people who are long-term valuable employees into villains.”

“This policy is very poorly written. The purpose of the policy is to keep employees safe.” The fact is that there is a whole world of information. People have the right to choose for themselves. I may be wrong but it seems that the purpose is to keep the coward away from the workplace.

It suggested that non-vaccinated employees be tested at work, but the council did not amend the policy proposed by management.

Who Blake Edwards questioned some of the misinformation that led to the vaccine’s refusal or reluctance.

“The numbers are cut. Why do our healthcare professionals have to reduce the numbers?” He said. “What’s the point of the government reducing the numbers?” Close society for whom? To deprive people of their jobs? I don’t think so This is because there is a virus and people are getting sick from it.

“If we can’t trust our healthcare professionals in Canada who are urging us to do this, who can we trust?” he said.

Mayor Greg Devon said he also supported the policy and that the vaccine is given even when an individual is at home because he spends time with neighbors and wants to protect them. He said the number of deaths in Saskatchewan also required a policy.

Devon also echoed Linux-Zip’s statements that the provincial failure to implement the measures has left the city in a difficult position.

“Saskatchewan should be declared across the province,” Devon said. “It’s not Prince Albert’s problem. It’s Saskatchewan’s problem.

He said the council was not violating anyone’s rights.

“You are violating my right to safety,” Devon said. We live in a democratic society and majority rule. Not a minority. Most of us have been vaccinated.

The council also decided to send a letter to the province “in strong words” about the lack of steps to be taken to slow the spread of the virus.

There are a few exceptions in the city’s amenities that will not be included in proof of vaccine requirements, such as city hall, police headquarters or foyer at the airport, and those who choose the test option will have to do so on their own. ۔ Expenses.

Who Dennis Ogrodnik also discussed the issue of healthcare capacity.

“I think collectively, as a society, we need to take this epidemic very seriously,” he said.

He also talked about the impact that health resources are having on everyone for the care of COVID patients and said that 200 surgeries are being canceled daily in the province, including his family members.

“It’s a public health issue. It’s not political. It’s not strictly economic, although money is being spent on it. It’s a serious public health issue and that’s why we have to work,” Ogrodnik said.

Ogrodnik said he had heard from two religious groups who said the book had no religious grounds for denying vaccinations, including the Pentecostal Assembly and the Catholic Church.

“There is nothing in the book that says you should not be vaccinated,” Ogrodnik said of the religious exemption. “The Catholic Church also says that there is no religious exemption for not being vaccinated. This is a personal belief. It is not a religious belief.”

All volunteers must meet the needs of the staff.

Garbage pickers at the landfill will not be included in the policy as they are not allowed to enter the kiosk anyway and will either stay in their car or stand outside the window.


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