Chronicles cartoon: September 13, 2021.

Wherever PPP leader Maxim Bernier goes, no matter what province he is in, there are at least hundreds and sometimes thousands of crowds.

They are not pebbles and insolent, unlike the reception committees that greet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when he gets off the campaign bus.

Trudeau denounced the angry Canadians as “anti-Waxer mobs.” Somehow, they are also racist misconceptions.

Edge? Tell thousands of Montreal residents who protested Sunday over the province’s COVID-19 health measures and vaccine passports.

One Trudeau said people were shouting at him, “This government’s policy is not to dictate.” Someone explain to him that in a democracy they do that. Obedience is his job.

Bernier, meanwhile, is a freedom fighter who is willing to risk his freedom to protect Canadians. Like it or not, it’s admirable.

“Freedom is important in this country. It is part of our constitution, our charter of rights and freedoms.

Does anyone hear other party leaders talking like this? Bernier’s message that he is fighting for the people, not commanding them, is echoing.

He returned to Manitoba for the first time after being handcuffed, arrested and jailed for 12 hours a week after a June rally in St. Pierre Julius against public health orders and lockdowns.

He was then asked if he had any weapons. “Only my words,” Bernier replied coldly to the RCMP cruiser.

Former Prime Minister Brian Pelster, who is thought to have plotted to oust Mounties, has left. But the charges against Bernier remain. He was charged under the Public Health Act for failing to assemble at an outdoor gathering and isolate himself upon arrival in Manitoba. His next court date is set for September 21.

Bernier has rejected the COVID-19 vaccination, so he had to isolate himself for 14 days when he returned to Manitoba.

He did not. He ran and hit the ground.

They argue that “immoral” provisions violate Canadians’ constitutional rights. If I had to go back to prison to defend my freedom and the freedom of Canadians, I would.

It covered a good area of ​​the province. A rally in Stanbach attracted hundreds of people. One Peg featured over a thousand. At a ceremony in Stanley’s rural municipality, the turnout was estimated at 1,000-2,000. And so, with rallies in Brandon, Daphne, and Portage la Prairie, where the turnout for outdoor gatherings fell below the 500 mark, which went into effect on Tuesday.

The PPC has a full slate of candidates in Manitoba and 312 in 338 rides across the country. Mandatory COVID-19 is a key issue in the campaign against vaccinations, lockdowns, and masks.

It would be easy to dismiss Bernier’s growing popularity in Manitoba as a revolt against the oppressive polyester spread in the province. But he is attracting similar crowds in BC, Ontario, Quebec, etc.

Opponents, in an effort to allay public fears, are trying to offer Bernier and PPC and the Antiviral 19 vaccine, which, therefore, is a threat to Canadians’ health. They are not anti-vaccines. They are pro-election and anti-medical. This resonates with Canadians who have not recently had to think about losing basic freedoms – and their jobs if they choose not to be vaccinated.

What does Bernier see that other leaders do not talk about? People around the world are rising up and protesting the ban on the movement of vaccine passports, lockdowns, and immunizations.

In France, it shows evidence of vaccination or imprisonment. Military drones and helicopters patrol Australia in search of public gatherings. Mass protests are taking place in Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Israel, Thailand, France, Greece, Slovakia and Finland. German protesters are being beaten and arrested.

Many people use digital vaccines / health passports with less health and more control. Now that people are revolting, there is talk of a lockdown on climate change by the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

Bernier’s platform lacks the freedom to be affected by COVID-19. He warned that the PPC government would not give subsidies and cash bribes. Instead, Canadians will face a “tough” four years as the focus shifts to budget balance. Ban on firearms, CBC and carbon tax will be abolished. Pipeline projects will return. Foreign projects and UN funding will run out.

“If you vote for loyalty, you will do what you have always done but you will not get different results. We are trying to tell people that in this election you have to vote with your heart and conscience. Should.

In 2019, the PPC won no seats and received only 2% of the vote.

The chances of it happening again are no less.

The PPC is growing in the elections. Daily tracking of EKOS politics showed a distance of 15.7% from the NDP, 11.2% of decisive and inclined voters. The Conservatives lead the Liberals at 33.6% and 30.7%, respectively.

The Main Street / iPolitics poll puts PPC at 11% nationally.

Slobodin is a senior Western Manitoba columnist.
[email protected]

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