Chinese officials tell the United States that there is “no room for compromise” on the Taiwan issue | Joe Biden News

The Chinese Ministry of National Defense once again accused Washington of taking “provocative” actions related to the island.

The Ministry of National Defense of China stated that there is “no room for compromise” with the United States on the Taiwan issue. This is the latest round of salvos and postures on the autonomous islands that Beijing regards as a traitor province.

At a press conference on Thursday, when asked about US-China relations, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said that both sides have benefited from a healthy and stable relationship.

“However, for a period of time, the US has said a lot of irresponsible things and done a lot of provocative things on issues such as Taiwan, the South China Sea, and close-range reconnaissance of ships and aircraft.”

These comments were made a day after President Joe Biden took office Invite Taiwan As tensions on the island have increased, participate in the upcoming Virtual Democracy Summit.

Taipei is the only government on the invitation list that is not recognized as a sovereign state by Washington. Its joining was cheered by Taipei and condemned by Beijing.

The United States maintains a strategically ambiguous policy towards Taiwan, provides economic and military support, and often calls Taipei a beacon of democracy.

On Thursday, Wu added that certain aspects of Chinese sovereignty cannot be violated.

“Especially on the Taiwan issue, China has no room for compromise, and the US should not have any illusions about it,” he said.

Beijing does not rule out the use of force to take over Taiwan The pressure on other countries is increasing Downgrade or sever ties with the has More and more In recent months, exercises aimed at demonstrating Chinese military power near the island.

After Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a virtual summit in early November, state media reported that the Chinese leader warned Biden that encouraging Taiwan’s independence was “playing with fire”.

According to the White House, at the same time, Biden told Xi Jinping that the United States “strongly opposes unilateral efforts to change the status quo or undermine peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

On Tuesday, the U.S. Navy stated that its guided missile destroyer has Sail through Taiwan Strait, this is the first such exercise after the Biden-Xi summit.

Regular American exercises Usually irritated Beijing considers waterways to be part of its territory.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian condemned the transit as “a deliberate attempt to sabotage and undermine regional peace and stability.”


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