Chinese cowardly lockdown traps woman in blind date home.

Beijing – Imagine you can’t finish being on a first date? This is what happened to a woman in China whose video blogs about going on lockdown across the city during a blind date have gone viral.

More than 100 cases of the virus have been reported in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou since last week. China is fighting several local epidemics. Delta and اومیکرون Variations of Corona virus.

Parts of the city were put under a sudden lockdown last Wednesday when a woman named Wang was having dinner at her blind date’s house.

“Shortly after my arrival in Zhengzhou, an epidemic broke out there and his community was locked down and I could not leave,” Wang told the Shanghai-based Outlet The Paper on Tuesday. Potential claimant. “Now that I’m getting old, my family introduced me to ten matches … The fifth date wanted to show off their cooking skills and invited me to their house for dinner.”

Medical workers collect brooms from residents during a citywide nucleic acid test in Zhengzhou.
On January 5, 2022, less than a dozen cases of corona virus (COVID-19) were reported in Zhengzhou, Hainan Province, China. have been.

cnsphoto by REUTERS

Since then, Wang has posted short videos documenting her daily life in Lockdown, showing her cooking for her, doing housework and when she falls asleep. Works on laptops, according to clips published by local media.

So far, the romance seems to be unfolding in their long history, according to Wang, who says she is looking for a more talkative partner.

“Except for the fact that he’s as dumb as a piece of wood, everything else is great (about him),” Wang told The Paper. “Even though her food is mediocre, she’s still ready to cook, which I think is great.”

Wang did not reveal his age or the identity of the man in the videos.

Relevant hashtags have garnered more than six million views as of Wednesday on social media site Weibo, such as Twitter.

However, Wang said the recent rise in online attention has forced him to remove the videos.

“Friends are calling her and I think she’s definitely affected her life, so I’ve removed her for now,” she said in a video posted on Tuesday. Was widely republished in the local media.

“Thank you all for your attention … I hope the epidemic will end soon and my single sisters will have a relationship soon.”